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Role: Virtual Production and VFX Supervisor

Official music video of MiNERVA's Doiito. Created by Rongmistry Studios.

Workflow: Unreal Engine Virtual Production Workflow (revised workflow for independent/ low budget studios).

Tools used: Unreal Engine, Adobe After Effects, Premier Pro, Photoshop, Blender.

Master Thesis

Title: Dynamic object reconstruction from multiple non-static view videos for free viewpoint animation

Key elements: 4D Reconstruction, Silhouette extraction in dynamic scene Sfs (Shape from silhouette), Visual Hull, MaskRCNN, Dense Conditional Random Field (CRF), Bounding volume, Marching cube, SLAM, ARCore.

Thesis PDF can be found here.

AI based data driven character animation

Hobby project

1. Detectron2 to estimate 2D pose.
2. VideoPose3D to estimate 3D pose using the output data from previous step.
3. Feed exported 3D pose data in Unity app (runtime).


Building Serious Games (Course project at TU Delft)

Musicality is the concept that refers to a person’s ability to perceive and reproduce music. Due to its complexity, it can be best defined by different aspects of music like pitch, harmony, etc. Scientists believe that musicality is not an inherent trait possessed only by musicians but something anyone can nurture and train in themselves. In this paper we present a new game, named Musicality, that aims at measuring and improving the musicality of any person with some interest in music. Our application offers users a fun, quick, interactive way to accomplish this goal at their own pace. Specifically, our game focuses on three of the most basic aspects of musicality: instrument recognition, tempo and tone. For each aspect we created different mini-games in order to make training a varied and attractive activity.

Conference paper published. Check it here.


Data Visualization Project

Information visualization of artificial sttelites around the Earth using D3.


Frozen Flame

3D Computer Graphics and Animation Course Project at TU Delft

A 3D vertical shooter game written in C++ using OpenGL library. All the game engine components programmatically written from scratch.

Check the GitHub repo.


Volume data visualization using Java.

Check the GitHub repo.

Sketch based image retrieval

Deep learning approach to classify free-hand sketch image and media retrieval.

Check the GitHub repo.

Big Data Project

Big data analysis and visualization with "New York Taxi Data".

Tools used: Apache Spark, D3.

Check the GitHub repo.

Mouse in the house

Mouse movement and user interaction tracking on a webpage in the context of relevance judgement.

Check the GitHub repo.

Bachelor Thesis

Title: Design and development of Doctor’s dictation kit Using Raspberry PI

Thesis manuscript PDF can be found here.

Unity2D Game

Hobby project motivated by my love for retro games.